Tooth Gems – Maple Ridge BC

So you’ve had your cleaning & your teeth are pearly & white. They sparkle but you want them to dazzle. Now there’s a fun, safe way to add flair to your smile with jewelry for your teeth!

Tooth gems can be applied in one quick & painless procedure by your dentist. No drilling & no harm to your enamel, making them the easy, healthy choice to express yourself. Your dentist can expertly place them, ensuring no extra adhesive is used & that the gems go in the right spot the first time.

Smile With Style

These stain-resistant gems make a great accessory for every occasion & add a lot but will never get lost. Plus, they can be affixed to any or all of your front teeth, so you can match the level of your flair to your personality.

Tooth gems can turn your day around, even when things are looking dark & the people around you are bringing you down. We’ve all heard the expression kill them with kindness. Now, when they throw shade, a simple smile will shine bright enough to wash it all away & lighten the mood of everyone around you.

Tooth gems go with all your clothes & exude confidence no matter how you express or identify yourself. Once you get a tooth gem, you’ll have a hard time not smiling, which leads to new friendships, better days & your best life. Think about the fun conversations you’ve had over that cool t-shirt you saw someone wearing, now imagine how many more of those conversations come with a tooth gem. It’s not all fun & games, either. We’re not saying that a gemmed smile that shows off your independent spirit & can-do attitude will land you your dream job…but we’re not not saying it either.

Safe & Easy

Tooth gems are applied to teeth the same way traditional braces are, making it a reliable, proven method. Not only is the process safe & painless, it lasts until you want it removed & is fully reversible. Some customers have reported their stones have stayed in place for years with no need for another appointment! The gems require no additional maintenance once placed & don’t require a change to your brushing habits—so long as you have good habits, that is! You can still get your teeth cleaned every six months, too, so you don’t have to put off any preventative care, either!

You will notice something new in your mouth when getting the jewelry placed, but this should only last a couple of days as your mouth becomes used to the new addition. The gems are small in size and have no sharp edges, so there shouldn’t be any irritation once your mouth has grown accustomed to the jewelry’s presence.

If & when you decide to have the gem removed or replaced with another piece, all it takes is one quick appointment with your dentist & you’re all set. Talk to your dentist today to see what options are best for you & to schedule an appointment!

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