Meet Dr. Guillermo Bourget

Dr. Bourget was born and raised in Mexico City where he graduated as a dentist from the Intercontinental University in 1984 and subsequently completed his postgraduate studies in Endodontics at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 1988.

Dr. Bourget worked as an associate professor at the Intercontinental University and has also been an active spokesperson at a variety of universities and dental associations throughout Mexico.

Dr. Bourget arrived in Canada in May 2011 and completed studies at CDI College as a Dental Assistant, which allowed him to begin working in the Canadian dental profession.

He subsequently obtained his license to practice dentistry in Canada from the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) by passing a series of required exams. Additionally, he is a current member of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC) and the British Columbia Dental Association.

Throughout his career, Dr. Bourget has continued to stay current in the profession by actively participating in courses and conferences. He is now part of the EPIC Study Group (Periodontics & Implantology) and Golden Ears Dental Alliance where topics such as Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Surgery are discussed. His interest and passion for dentistry combined with a commitment to providing excellent patient care have been key to his success in over 30 years of professional practice. Dr. Bourget is married with three adult children currently attending Canadian universities.